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The Institute of Therapies Management
provides inexpensive professional accreditation to qualified individuals

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The institute offers courses and certification in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy and other therapies in association with The College of Management Science BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX .
You can learn at home and gain a Diploma by distance learning with one to one help and support available throughout your course ...

The Institute of Therapies Management is a member of the Unifaculty Foundation. The Institute’s college supplies courses online to students and members around the world. Their main web site is at

The College’s courses are registered with the The UK Training Directory, and the
Course Providers Accreditation Scheme.

Many therapies used today are aided in their efficacy by the Placebo Effect. Placebo is latin for ‘I please’. In the placebo effect there is a large psychological element contributing to the pleasing outcome.

In that way, a placebo is not nothing, indeed it can be critical in making a successful treatment a resounding success and can make a poor treatment a success. Similarly it can make an otherwise useful treatment a success in given circumstances.

If any of us have succumbed to severe toothache and ventured to a dentist, we may remember how the pain disappeared as we sat in the waiting room.

If we had been rather unwell and a doctor was summoned, his reassruing words that all would be well soon may have removed our experience of symptoms without so much as half a pill! That is the Placebo effect. It is an essential part of any successful treatment.

The Institute of Therapies Management provides Therapist Training and courses in association with the College of Management Science, London

Diploma in Psychotherapy [Dip. Hyp.,Dip.Couns.Dip.Psy.]
Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Course [Dip. Hyp]
Advanced Hypnosis [Dip. A.Hyp]
Neuro Linguistic Programming Course[Dip.NLP.]
Lucid Dreaming Course [Dip. Psy(L.D.)]
Applied Psychology Course [Dip. A.Psy]
Awareness States [Dip.Psy.A.S.]-
Psychology Course [Dip. Psy]
Child Psychology Course [Dip. Psy]
Stress Management Course [Dip.S.Mgmt.]
Anger Management Course [Dip. Cl.Psy]
Assertiveness Training Course [Dip. Cl.Psy]
Thought Field Therapy Course
Acupressure Course [Dip.Ac]
Aromatherapy Course [Dip.A.Ther.]
Reflexology Course [Dip.Ref.]
Life Coaching Course[Dip.L.C.]
Asperger’s Syndrome
Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Depression Management [Dip.Cl.Psy.]
Taoist Healing Therapist Course
Yoga & Meditation
Sex Therapist [Dip.S.Th.]
Marriage/Couple Counselling
Nutrition and Health [Dip.NH.]
Anatomy & Physiology Course
Diploma in Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
Crystal Therapist & Healer Course
Spiritual Healer
Tarot Card Reading

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£45 pa

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