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The Institute of Therapies Management
provides inexpensive professional accreditation to qualified individuals

If you are a spiritual healer and counsellor seeking additional accreditation or you are studying spiritual healing and counselling you can gain a range of accreditation through the Institute of Therapies Management.

The Institute provides a distance learning training programme which is managed by the College of Management Science internationally.

is only

£45 pa

Healing of the body, the mind and the spirit have involved many approaches over the centuries. Sometimes, a remedy or treatment would treat the body alone, sometimes the mind and sometimes the spirit … and of course sometimes all three at the same time.

In modern times an example of that is the local doctor who, having listened to his patient describe the ailment is then able to place a reassuring hand on the patient’s hand and with a confident smile assure the patient that all will be well. Almost immediately, the patient will start to feel better. Indeed they will probably also be better.

The magic of the authority of the doctor combined with the gentle touch of one human to the other and a confident reassuring smile is a powerful medical treatment.

It is an irreducible fact that illnesses can be affected by the spirit of one human spirit acting upon another human spirit. Whilst clearly, psychosomatic conditions are easily helped by kind words and human touch, the good news is that all manner of conditions can be helped in this way … even conditions diagnosed as terminal and incurable.

When the American film star, John Wayne was diagnosed with terminal cancer he was told that he had two years at best to live. Sure enough, he died of cancer but not until twenty years later. There is a process at work which can enable that and spiritual healing seeks to give an insight into that process and empower any one of us to reach for that healing power and harness it to help others and ourselves.

Spiritual healing is a multi-layered and complex phenomenon drawing upon skills across a broad spectrum of human talent.

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