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Normal people in normal relationships can soon find themselves in a low sex or no sex relationship. One minute one of the partners may be worrying about whether they can keep up the powerful sexual input which their relationship seems to demand and then without notice, it all changes and their fear changes to one of wondering where it all went wrong.

Often this is a natural progression of events. But then it becomes worse because someone is to blame.

Because one partner in a relationship switches off does not mean that the lack of sex is their fault. That analysis would be like accusing symptoms of an illness as being the illness itself.

Symptoms and causes are different. Sometimes there is a connection between them and sometimes there is no connection. Blame and blaming simply do not get anyone anywhere in sex therapy.

Sometimes a normal relationship will become non-sexual for a range of reasons. These can be physical, psychological or otherwise.

For example one of the partners could devlop an embarrassing rash or fungal infection and avoid sex so as to avoid talking about it. Tragically, these minor ailments can be cured in a few days with the use of a readily available ointment but this could destroy a relationship.

The complexity of reasons for sexual breakdown are legend. The most innocent of events can cause sex to be turned off.

For example, what if one of the partners had had an experience in their childhood which made them feel uncomfortable. This could be some innocent event but one which registered dep within that partner.

Perhaps during that innocent event someone said something or simply held someoneís hand in a particular way and the all of those years later the partnerís partner said the same words or held their hand in the same way that someone had done all of those years ago. That could be enough to trigger a reaction. The partner would then withdraw into themselves just as they had done before.

Of course other issues arise much less extreme than these and yet just as destructive to true physical love.

The good news is that they can all be successfully dealt with using gentle therapy

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