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Removing phobias can be accomplished using hypnosis or counselling. In many cases hypnotherapy can provide a quick and permanent solution to the problem.

One of the good features of phobias is that they all have one similar aspect ... they have identifiable levels .

For example, if we arranged a group of people who were afraid of spiders we would likely find that they all could not bear to be near them but some could stand a hundred feet away from one and some could only look at pictures of them whilst others could not and some indeed would freak out at the mere mention of the word spider.

This hierarchy of the phobia is both its strength and its weakness, a weakness and strength hypnotists can use.

One of the problems with someone who has a phobia is that when they felt uncomfortable with their fear they shut down. They come to the therapist having denied themselves any exposure to the centre of the threat.

That is understandable. It is also the problem. To rid the subject of their phobia they do need to be exposed to it. However, sticking a live spider into someone’s face will create a greater problem. The way ahead is simpler and more gentle.

Knowing of the existence of phobia hierarchy we can introduce our subject in tiny stages to their fear. For example, let us say that the phobia is spiders. If someone can put up with being within twenty feet of a spider then they will not have any stressful experience by being within twenty feet of a spider.

We can test our subject by discussing with them the nature and acuteness of their phobia. Under hypnotic trance we can continue that discussion. We can pre-programme them to indicate when they are feeling uncomfortable or threatened. In that way, we can gently and slowly move them a litle nearer, step by step to their phobia. As they become accustomed to their new nearness they can be moved gently a little closer.

Using this hierarchy of fear, the therapist is gradually reducing the fear or phobia until after maybe just one hour that phobia is completely eliminated.

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