Fear of Flying

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What is even more scary about this near miss is who on earth was up so close behind the incoming Boeing that they could take this photo.

If you are a practising hypnotherapist seeking additional accreditation or you are studying hypnosis & hypnotherapy you can gain a range of accreditation through the Institute of Therapies Management.

The Institute provides a distance learning training programme which is managed by the College of Management Science internationally.

The best treatment for fear of flying is by hypnosis. It can also be treated by counselling but that is a longer and more expensive process.

Hypnosis is ideally suited as a medium for change and improvement in an individualís life. Generally speaking it is quick with some fears being able to be removed completely in under an hour.

Curing, or clearing phobias such as the fear of flying can be made easy through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It can also be made difficult. Many hypnotherapists offer a treatment which works temporarily and then, after a short time, the subject goes back to the habit.

The trouble with fear of flying is that it has more than one component. Most fears and phobias tend to be irrational such as fear of open spaces, fear of heights, fear of spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Fear of Flying is a combination of irrational and rational fears. Both have to be addressed or failure awaits. The Institute of Therapies Management unique distance learning course is designed to enable the hypnotherapist to provide for this unholy combination.

is only

£45 pa

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