Crystal Therapy

The Institute of Therapies Management BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain
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The Institute of Therapies Management
provides inexpensive professional accreditation to qualified individuals

If you are a practising crystal therapist seeking additional accreditation or you are studying crystal therapy you can gain a range of accreditation through the Institute of Therapies Management.

The Institute provides a distance learning training programme which is managed by the College of Management Science internationally.

Crystal Therapy like so many other holistic therapies has been around since before ancient times.

This gentle system of holistic healing can be used in the home or the office. The therapy draws on the unique qualities of quartz and amethyst to balance the body’s natural energy fields treatments can be effected.

Today it is easier than before to obtain some of the world’s more exotic crystal and stones. Each crystal has specific properties allowing their application to target spefic complaints. There are well over two hundred common ailments which lend themselves admirably to crystal therapy in the hands of the expert.

Of course crystal therapy is used not only for treatment of common ailments. It has valuable and helpful applications in lifestyle enhancement and spiritual development.

is only

£45 pa

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