Asperger's Syndrome
aka ... Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Aspergerís Syndrome usually describes individuals who lack social skills. They tend to be single minded, self-obsessed and often display symptoms of other conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Hyperactivity.

Although the condition continues to be referred to as Aspergerís Syndrome, the official term used in The United States and the United Kingdom is now Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Children who have this condition may be taken to their doctors by parents concerned about their hearing. Aspergers adults will occasionally complain about the endless hearing tests. There is nothing wrong with their hearing. They only seem not to hear because their whole attention is concentrating on something else rather than what anyone is saying to them.

Some Aspergers people are highly intelligent and clearly when they are able to focus all of their attention onto one project they will succeed in that. It is mooted that Albert Einstein suffered from Aspergers. It is recorded that he was particularly heartless towards his family.

The less intelligent Aspergers people really need to be protected from society or more specifically from themselves. Generally speaking a low intelligence Asperger subject will be unable to cope with the world. Occasionally one may read a report in a local paper of some poor individual living in a wrecked car or someoneís garden shed. Even when they live in a house after the parents die, the bills may go unpaid and eventually social services are called to intervene.

Beneath their odd and occasionally dangerous behaviour there is simply another human being trying to cope with a confusing and to them often cruel world. Whilst sometimes their behaviour may seem bad or even downright wicked they can be dealt with at family level with great patience and kindness.

Aspergers is a condition on the Autism Spectrum. In that respect they behave autistically under threat even the mildest threat and can explode in an autistic tantrum which may take days of debriefing and reassurance to resolve.

They are capable of forming relationships and can get married and have children. The other partner has to be a saint.

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